First day of Summer. What’s been going on this spring?

So and my wife and I were walking around the farm this evening she mentioned that today is the longest day of the year, and the first day of summer.  Boy did spring fly by!  Yikes.  I have been very busy with IT work, farm work, and more, so I’m behind on my blog posts.

So, this will be a little summary of what has been going on since April.

Both hogs have gone to the meat processor and came back in packages.  So thankful to have meat in the freezer… finally.  It’s nice to have some to share as well.  We are blessed.

Processed Pork

Processed Pork

A friend welded up a scrap trailer for me and I used it to replace my lousy wheels on my chicken tractor.  In the photo below you can see the frame lined up in preparation for sliding the chicken tractor on to it.  On set of the flimsy wheels had been removed.   The other set had not been removed yet.

Chicken tractor frame

Chicken tractor frame

With the new frame I had to do a bit of re-arranging.  I had to change the main door into a half-door.  I also had to move the run to the end rather than the front due to the wheel.  I built a little “connector” so that they would fit together better.  The picture below shows the new rig all hooked up.

New rig

New rig

Rick, a young buck arrived on the farm.  Ricky gets to hang out with our doe, Lucy.


Ricky (small one on the right)

They seem fairly happy together.

Happy together

Happy together

Our garden got off to a good start


Salad Stuff






More onions, salad stuff, spinach, etc.


Had a bumper crop of collards the other day.



Cooked em in this.  Farm raised pork. YUM!!!!!

Pork Cooking... collards and water go in next

Pork Cooking… collards and water go in next

Big boy Maurice came to live at the farm.  He is a registered Dorper ram.   He has excellent blood lines and he is here to do a job.  😉



Well, that catches you up on most of the farm stuff.  Stuff that I have photos of anyway.

– Stan.

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