Pig Payoff

Took a loooooooooong round trip to Liberty, KY to pick up our processed pork and deliver 1/2 to a friend.  We put some serious miles on the car, but it was worth it.

The live weight of our first hog was a bit less than I had hoped for, coming in at 223 lbs, but I’m still thrilled with how the meat turned out.

Check out 1/2 of the sausage:

Half of the sausage

Half of the sausage

And this is 1/2 of the other cuts (not including Bacon)

Roast, Ribs, Pork Chops...

Roast, Ribs, Pork Chops…

I didn’t take a photo of the bacon, however we got back 7 nice packages of generously sliced bacon.  We ate an entire pack this morning.  It did not stay around long enough to pose for a photo.  Yum!

We will process the 2nd hog in about another month… so… we should get this same amount of meat back  AGAIN.

Yippie!!!!!  It’s thrilling when the farm work really starts to pay off.

– Stan.


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  1. Hey this is your 6’5″, 290lbs black best friend, Shawn Coffey! I want to be the first one to order some bacon, for real! Let me know how to order and how much. We were excited to see your new adventure. My number is xxx-xxx-xxx, so we can catch up man, I miss my only white friend and my mentor. Holla at your boy!

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