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  1. Hey Stan…this is Carol’s friend (Linda Brier) we went to school together. Now the last name is Lockett : )) Carol, wanted to write you and let you know we also have pigs! We have 1 Male named “Wilbur” of course….LOL LOL, and he has 3 girlfriends….Pinky,Blackie, & Narrow! We have 1 two month old male from the last litter, he is up for sale! These two look like Durocs???? Are they? They are boogers about getting out of the pen. Do you feed yours bread also? I go to the discount bread store in Crestview on John King Rd. and get the big Feed Bags of bread for $4.00 each. They love it.

    Ours are hampshire pigs. We love them, they are all so adoreable. Write when you have time and want to. Just wanted to drop you a line. Take care

    Linda (Carol’s friend)

    • Hey Linda, so good to hear from you. I would love to see some photos of your critters. My pigs are a Duroc cross, but not 100% Duroc. I put electric inside coral panels and that seems to keep them in pretty well. I would like to expand their pen a bit, but have not tried that yet. I feed a pig ration, plus a corn and soybean mix that a friend grids for me. I also feed them all the leftovers we can find. I’m working on getting 5 gal. buckets of leftovers from the school cafeteria.

      Stay in touch.

      – Stan.

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