A good spot to rest

Anna was picking up acorns that we will use through the winter to feed to the pigs.  She was putting them into the bucket then pouring them into a feed sack.  She left the bucket by the wood shed when she was finished, and one of the cats decided it was a good place to rest.

Cat Bucket

Cat Bucket

Acorns for Pigs

Before I bought pigs I did a lot of research on how to feed them, free ranging, etc.  One of the things I discovered was that pigs love acorns.  There was an old tradition of “finishing” pigs on large quantities of acorns.

Well, we just happen to have two large oak trees on our farm.  They have been dropping hundreds of acorns, so today I gathered some for the pigs and fed them along with the pig feed.

Pigs and Acorns

One of the pigs enjoying acorns

Here is one of the pigs enjoying acorns…