Acorns for Pigs

Before I bought pigs I did a lot of research on how to feed them, free ranging, etc.  One of the things I discovered was that pigs love acorns.  There was an old tradition of “finishing” pigs on large quantities of acorns.

Well, we just happen to have two large oak trees on our farm.  They have been dropping hundreds of acorns, so today I gathered some for the pigs and fed them along with the pig feed.

Pigs and Acorns

One of the pigs enjoying acorns

Here is one of the pigs enjoying acorns…


More feed

OK I know this is a boring photo…  This is the rest of the feed I’ve not put into the “trash can” (feed barrel) yet.  Not very exciting, but I use this stuff as the base for chicken feed, turkey, pig feed, and cattle feed.  It’s basically ground corn and soybeans.  It’s mixed by a local farm friend of mine.  It has no hormones, additives, etc.  I get it before anything is added, then I add calcium, food grade DE, grit or whatever.  For the cows I add nothing, but rather just feed the supplemental minerals.  It’s not perfect, but its better than buying processed farm feed with who knows what in it.


It’s feed time again