Internet, Rain, Lightning and MM

Well, this is not totally farm related, but it is part of farm life, so I thought I would post it…

I knew today might be crazy.  I had planed to switch my internet from Windstream to TWC today.  When something like that happens, it usually takes a while to get my systems up and running.  Since I’m an IT guy I have routers, modems, and cables going everywhere.

The switch over went pretty well, and it’s MUCH faster.  Yippie!  However after that things went crazy.  I storm snuck up on us quickly.  First it made a quick “pop” that caused everything to turn off and on.  That happens often, so I didn’t think much of it.  As usual, that putt Minnie Mae in “Freak Out” mode.

MM under desk

Minnie Mae under my desk during the storm

She usually starts shaking uncontrollably and follows me around.  This time she hid under the desk.  (A first)  I should have paid more attention, because right after that a bolt of lightning hit our glass door…I heard the crackle and saw the flash.  I would have thought the glass would break, but I guess not.

I have yet to venture out to see the damage.  I’m too chicken.  The storm has been nasty off and on since.  And this has been MM since then:

MM at my feet

I’m at my desk and MM is at my feet

Yep.  Right at my feet.  I can barely roll my chair.  Good thing I don’t have to move a lot right now.

During the storm I powered everything off right in the middle of reconfiguration of my network, so now I have to get going again.

Gotta go.

– Stan.

OH, PS – I am VERY thankful for more rain.  (He sends rain to the Godly and the ungodly BTW)  Keep it coming!