Front Pasture Finally Fenced

It seems like it has taken FOREVER, but the front pasture is finally fenced.  This gives us 3 pastures for rotating livestock.  Nice.  This does not count the 3 small corals around the barn.  I mostly use those for temporary stuff and for pigs.

Since this pasture was near a busy road I wanted to put woven wire instead of just electric fence.   This fence has H-braces set in concrete at the corners and another 6 inch post every 50 to 100 feet, depending on the lay of the land.  Between the wooden post we have T-Posts every 10 feet.  Also, to keep the critters off of the woven wire we have electric running on the inside.  Just one strand now, but I may add a top strand and possibly a lower strand as well.

Below is the view from my security camera.  It is nice seeing the cows from the windows on this side of the house.  The goats are in this pasture as well, but they were “off camera”.

Front Pasture

That is all for now.

– Stan

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